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Have You Used HOLA VPN?

Your Web Browsing Activity Might Not

Have Been as Private as Hola Claimed

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Hola VPN advertises “Keep your activities safe, secure, and private.” But security researchers published a report finding that, unlike other VPN services, Hola does not route all traffic through an encrypted tunnel, so it isn’t as safe.

If you’ve used Hola VPN, you may be entitled to compensation. To find out if you qualify, sign up below for a free consultation. You will not be obligated in any way and there is no cost to you.

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Even Judges Agree – Glancy Prongay & Murray Gets Results

“The court finds that the Settlement Fund… created by Class Counsel is an exceptional result… The Court finds that Class Counsel skillfully prosecuted this action”

– Hon. Dickran M. Tevrizian (Ret.), U.S. District Court Judge, Central District of California

“Counsel has conducted the litigation and achieved the Settlement in good faith and with skill, perseverance and diligent advocacy”

– Hon. Donovan W. Frank, U.S. District Judge, District of Minnesota

“[C]lass counsel have provided extremely high-quality representation.”

– Hon. William H. Pauley III, District Judge for the Southern District of New York

You have the right to expect your web browsing to be safe and secure when promised.

What’s more, security researchers also found that Hola’s sister company, Luminati, sells the bandwith of HolaVPN users to companies who want to make it look like their traffic is coming from regular Hola users.

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