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Amazon Has a Fake Goods Problem

Amazon is fetching some handsome fees from third-party sellers who use the online retailer’s website to offer a wide variety of goods. It turns out, however, that some of those merchants are taking advantage of Amazon to sell counterfeit items from cellphone cases and sandals to designer handbags. Amazon recently noted in a report to investors that the company faces some legal risk stemming from third-party sellers who hock fake goods on the site. It’s the first time the company has publicly acknowledged that the problem could very well get worse. “We…may be unable to prevent sellers in our stores […]

Charter Communications Shells Out $174 Million in Consumer Fraud Settlement

If you’ve ever stared at a computer screen waiting for a web page to load while also sitting on hold with someone from your internet service provider’s customer service team, then you’re well acquainted with how aggravating connectivity problems can be. A recent case out of New York is a good example of the power that state prosecutors have to go after telecom companies that don’t live up to their promises to customers. The New York Attorney General’s office announced late last year that Charter Communications had agreed to pay more than $174 million to settle consumer fraud charges. The […]