Consumer Class Actions

The Firm successfully litigates on behalf of consumers throughout the United States.

Individuals in our society work hard to provide for their families and deserve to rely upon truthful information when purchasing products and services.  When corporations attempt to deceive or take advantage of customers, we step in to fight on behalf of these consumers.  Consumer fraud occurs when customers buy products or purchase services that do not reflect what was represented or advertised by the company.  

The Firm is committed to protecting and defending the rights of defrauded consumers.  Our Consumer Practice Group – led by partner Marc Godino – focuses on companies that reap millions of dollars in profits by misrepresenting their products or services.  In many instances, class actions provide the only viable avenue for an individual to vindicate his or her rights as a consumer.  Mr. Godino and the Firm have taken a leading role in many significant federal and state consumer fraud cases throughout the country.  The Firm’s Consumer Practice Group has obtained outstanding results for consumers.  For example, in Pascussi v. Airtouch Communications, a cellular phone service provider improperly charged all of its Michigan customers for certain calls.  Through our class action lawsuit, the Firm recovered a settlement valued in excess of $30 million for injured consumers.  The Firm’s Consumer Practice Group has a proven track record of providing major relief for consumers in many significant national consumer class action cases.