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ERIKA SHAPIRO has extensive experience in a broad range of litigation matters. Until 2019, Erika’s work primarily focused on complex antitrust cases involving pharmaceutical companies, and through this work, she helped successfully defend pharmaceutical companies against antitrust and unfair competition allegations, with a particular concentration on the Hatch-Waxman Act, product hopping, and reverse payment settlement allegations. As of 2019, Erika has represented clients in a vast array of litigation, including commercial real estate matters, with a particular focus on the global COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on commercial real estate, bankruptcy matters, commercial litigation involving breach of contract, tort, trademark infringement, and trusts and estates law with a focus on will contests. Erika has further managed multiple cases defending physicians and hospitals against allegations of malpractice.

Erika is committed to the academic community, and is the Founder and CEO of Study Songs, an app aimed at helping students study for the multistate bar exam through melodies contained in over 80 original songs and through pop-up definitions of over 1200 legal terms and concepts.

Erika’s publications include: Third Circuit Holds, “Give Peace a Chance”: The De Beers Litigation and the Potential Power of Settlement, Jack E. Pace, III, Erika L. Shapiro, 27-SPG Antitrust 48 (2013).