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Let Our Securities Litigation Law Firm Help with Your Portfolio Monitoring

Usually, by the time investors know about suspicious activity, the damage is done. At this stage, the costs and time of recovering losses is often very high, and the likelihood of being made whole is less certain. Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP, a securities litigation law firm, offers an innovative resource for identifying abnormal activity that could indicate fraud. Our state-of-the-art portfolio monitoring allows us to take immediate action to protect our clients’ interests. This effective service is free to the institutional and high-stakes investors we represent.

How Portfolio Monitoring Works

Portfolio monitoring utilizes sophisticated technology to track the stock market in real time. Our analysts are trained to identify indicators of corporate fraud. Often these red flags are unapparent and could otherwise go unnoticed until investors have incurred substantial losses. If we believe that your investment has been compromised, we immediately contact you and implement a plan to recover your resulting losses and protect your interests.

Our proprietary system also allows you to monitor your own investment portfolio for potential fraud. You can assess your portfolio data for losses and you have quick access to a comprehensive database of ongoing and former securities cases and investigations. In addition, our system alerts you and your counsel to claims deadlines in relation to any of your investments.

How Fraud Affects Your Investments

Fraudulent business practices tend to inflate stock prices. As soon as the corporate fraud is exposed, the market responds, often with a sharp decline in stock value followed by a steady drop over an extended time. If you bought shares while their value was fraudulently inflated, your losses can be linked to the company’s unlawful conduct. Damages caused by corporate fraud may be recoverable.

Portfolio Monitoring by an Experienced Securities Litigation Firm

Portfolio monitoring software is helpful only if you have qualified analysts to monitor the data and counsel to respond when an issue is identified. For this reason, our portfolio monitoring system is the ideal offering for a high-level securities litigation law firm.

The effectiveness and timeliness of our response is key to loss recovery and avoidance. Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP has the resources, experience and knowledge to thoroughly investigate potential fraud and litigate. Upon recognizing corporate fraud, our firm takes immediate action. We file a claim against the company for violating securities laws. We also help you avoid further losses.

Portfolio Monitoring as an Integral Aspect of Your Investment Strategy

Learn more about Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP’s portfolio offering for high-stakes and institutional investors. Our securities litigation law firm incorporates this innovative approach that allows us to take immediate action to recover and avoid losses. Schedule a free consultation with a securities lawyer to learn more about this important service. We offer our portfolio monitoring services for free and handle litigation that may arise from corporate fraud on a contingency free basis.