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Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP Launches Our New Site

Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP announces the launch of our new website. Our national litigation law firm has 25 years of experience and offices located in regions across the country. We deliver the highest quality services to our clients and decided to update our site to reflect the same standard of sophistication, responsiveness, innovation and knowledge about the law.

Updates to Our Firm’s Website

We updated our design and content to make our website more informative and easier for our clients to navigate. We have added substantial practice area pages to give more in-depth coverage that our readers can use as a research tool on legal issues involving:

  • Securities litigation. We represent classes of stockholders against brokers, houses and companies that have acted fraudulently or breached their duties to our clients. We often represent institutional investors who have sustained substantial losses.  
  • Portfolio monitoring. Our unique offering allows us to identify suspicious activity and investigate, thereby preventing fraud and losses.
  • Antitrust claims. We represent harmed clients in direct and class action lawsuits against companies who have violated the antitrust laws.
  • Consumer class action. Our firm is an advocate for consumers who have sustained losses due to fraud, misrepresentation, breach of warranty and harassment.
  • Employment law. Our lawyers represent workers in class action claims involving ERISA, employee benefits and wage and hour claims.
  • Intellectual property law. Our attorneys protect the rights of individuals and institutions in copyright, patent, trademark and licensing claims.

Our new site will include information about our community service, interesting case studies and ongoing investigations in our major practice areas. When we start a class action lawsuit, we will announce the news on our blog and our site to keep potential plaintiffs apprised of matters in dispute for which they are entitled to damages. We also added a blog where we will release news and helpful information to our clients about topics in our practice areas and keep our readers up-to-date on our cases, settlements and verdicts.

Our new site also features updated profiles of our experienced team. Read our attorneys’ biographies to learn more about our experience, qualifications and skillsets that have made us a top litigation law firm.

Consult with Our National Securities Litigation Law Firm

We invite readers to review our new site and call Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP for a free consultation to discuss their own cases in more detail. Our securities litigation law firm takes the unique approach of handling claims on contingency so that our clients act as partners with our firm in reaching the best possible solutions.