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Lawsuit about TikTok’s Privacy Practices

Glancy Prongay & Murray attorneys Marc L. Godino and Jonathan M. Rotter, together with attorneys Ekwan E. Rhow, Thomas R. Freeman, and Marc E. Masters of Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim, Drooks, Lincenberg, & Rhow P.C. filed a data privacy class action Complaint against the popular TikTok app. The Complaint, available here, alleges that TikTok violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the California Comprehensive Data Access and Fraud Act, the California Constitutional Right to Privacy, the California Unfair Competition Law, the California False Advertising Law, and that the defendants’ conduct constitutes an intrusion upon seclusion, negligence, and unjust enrichment. The Complaint names as defendants Bytedance Inc., Tiktok, Inc., Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd., and

The case has attracted significant media attention:

Privacy rights are important, and apps are no exception. We believe that many users don’t understand what data TikTok has taken or the implications of TikTok having that data. We believe that TikTok can and should minimize its intrusion on user privacy. In the Complaint, we’ve asked the Court to order TikTok to curtail its taking, use, and retention of user data.

If you or your child has used the TikTok app and you are concerned about privacy issues and want to be part of the case, please call us at (310) 201-9150.

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