Portfolio Monitoring


Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP offers clients free portfolio monitoring services. Our analysts are trained to monitor the stock market for apparent and not-so-apparent instances of corporate fraud, and if we believe that an investment of yours has been compromised, we will contact you immediately and work with you towards recovering any resulting loss on your investment.


Why Monitor My Portfolio?

Whenever corporate fraud is exposed, the market responds. Typically, the company's stock falls sharply upon the news, and the stock often continues to decline for some time. This means investors who bought the stock during the occurrence of the fraud - but before the fraud is exposed - purchased shares at an inflated price. When the stock drops due to the exposure of fraudulent business practices, these investors may incur losses that are at the fault of the company's wrongdoing. These losses can potentially be recovered when the Firm pursues litigation against the company for violating securities laws. If you choose to benefit from our portfolio monitoring services, we will track the companies you have invested in and immediately notify you when we discover you may be able to recover losses caused by corporate fraud.


What Is My Commitment?

Having your portfolio monitored does not require any commitment on your end. Our analysts are here simply to detect fraud, and to alert our clients when their investments may be negatively affected by it. Although we may contact you if we discover that you have potentially been harmed financially by fraud, there is no expectation or requirement for you to move forward until you decide you would like to take action. We offer our clients this portfolio monitoring service free of charge.