The Firm has established a significant antitrust practice, led by partner Susan Kupfer.

Anti-competitive behavior interferes with the operation of economic markets.  The prevalence of price-fixing and market-allocation cases has increased at both the national and international levels.  As government criminal investigations increase, civil litigation becomes increasingly important as a supplement to redress illegal behavior. 

The Firm’s Antitrust Practice Group focuses on representing individuals and entities who have been victimized by unlawful monopolization, price-fixing, market allocation, and other anti-competitive conduct.  The Firm has prosecuted significant antitrust cases and has helped individuals and businesses recover billions of dollars.  Prosecuting civil antitrust cases under federal and state laws throughout the country, the Firm’s Antitrust Practice Group represents consumers and businesses, and seeks injunctive relief and damages for violations of antitrust laws.  Since the Firm’s establishment of its Antitrust Practice Group in 2003, the Firm and Ms. Kupfer have served as lead or co-lead counsel in numerous multi-district litigation antitrust cases and have won substantial settlements for plaintiffs in such cases.  For instance, the Firm filed the initial landmark antitrust lawsuit against all of the major NASDAQ market makers and served on Plaintiffs’ Counsel’s Executive Committee in In re Nasdaq Market-Makers Antitrust Litigation, which recovered $900 million for investors.  Currently, the Firm has roles in scores of federal and state lawsuits prosecuted by plaintiffs seeking damages for antitrust violations in major industries.

The Firm is always interested in hearing of new instances in which companies have engaged in anti-competitive behavior.  If you would like to confidentially discuss a potential antitrust claim, please contact Susan Kupfer at (415) 972-8160.